This is Kuroske. KU-ROS-KE. Since my mom wont let me have a cat i adopted one here, you can pet it if you want but shhh he's sleeping'

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“Thinking something does not make it true. Wanting something does not make it real.

Phoenix; Sept. 16

Phoenix; Sept. 16


Moments - September 21, 2014.



Did 1d buy ‘steal my girl’ from Ed

no niall stole it

sam pepper recently made a video of him pinching random girls butts without their permission. please use your magic internet powers to fix this



I’m horrified by what I saw of the video. It seems to me an obvious violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service, and I don’t understand why YouTube hasn’t already taken it down. This harassment and abuse can call itself pranks, but it isn’t; it’s abuse. It needs to stop—whether uploaded to YouTube or vine or facebook or wherever. It’s just reprehensible, and further indication that we have a lot to discuss when it comes to consent, harassment, and abuse both online and off. 

Obviously I don’t have magical internet powers to fix this (or any other problems), but I do understand that Hank and I have a platform, and we are trying to amplify and fund creators who are fighting to inform more people about abuse and consent, including Kelly Kend’s documentary. A nerdfighter task force continues to develop a video series about consent and abuse online, which is taking a while because it needs to be properly researched and written and funded and so on, but it will happen.





did you know when you suddenly jerk awake while falling asleep, another version of you from a different timeline just died

This post fucked me up.

It’s actually because you’re heart rate decreased so quickly that you’re brain jerks you awake to make sure you’re still alive.

i dont know wHICH ONE IS WORSE


seriously though is harry okay i want to shove him underneath the covers and wrap him up in a blanket burrito so he can’t go anywhere for the next 3 days and has no choice but to rest


Check out some photos from Paramore’s set at last night’s iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas at!


Check out some photos from Paramore’s set at last night’s iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas at!